Why you Choose us

  • Kitchen Cleaning

    •Removing all dust

    •Removing all oil element from celling fan in the kitchen

    •Thoroughly clening the top to bottom stack racks

    •cleaning the pipes below the wash basin

    •scribing the wall and surface

    •clean windows and door

    Sofa Cleaning

    •Vacuum all the surfaces of the damper

    •Work in a systematic grid across the entire surface of the sofa

    •Saddle soap or wax-based leather cleaners

    •Vacuum your sofa regularly to prevent dust and dirt from building up

    Pest Control

    •Pest control is carried out on a regular basis

    •To ensure problem areas can be identified and effective

    •Effective at controlling the target pest

    •Should monitor pests to ensure that they are kept safely and effectively under control

    •Proactive prevention, and environmentally responsible treatment

    Post Constructions

    •services will be provided for all general fund academic and non-academic departments

    •Contact the appropriate Building Proctor to report pest problems

    •use Facilities Management pest management services